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Tuesday 19 June 2018

You Shouldn't Hide But You Always Do

From northern England yesterday to New Jersey today. I've posted some Yo La Tengo recently but make no apologies for putting some more up. In 1993 they released Painful, an album combining their love of ambience and atmospherics with melodic guitar and noise. The noise on From A Motel 6 is there at the start and comes in ecstatic bursts afterwards. Motel 6 is a nationwide chain of budget motels. I always imagined someone similar, Teenage Fanclub say, writing a British equivalent about Travelodges or Premier Inns in reply.

From A Motel 6


The Swede said...

Yo La Tengo's quality threshold really has remained very high throughout the years. Top selection SA.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Swede.

Brian said...

Stay close to Yo La Tengo, but stay far away from Motel 6.

Echorich said...

Brian is so right! Motel 6 carpets are always damp...I'd rather just sleep in my car.

As for Yo La Tengo, they are one of the Tri-State Area's great, truly independent bands, not indie, so much, much more. Post Punk to Post Rock and many things in between. YLT never sit on one sound for very long, but seem to also never forget their past when charting their musical future. I'm as big a fan of 2013's Fade as I am of 1992's Upside Down EP. This year's There's A Riot Going On is very special. Shades of VU, The Bunnymen, Ambient Jazz and Psychedelia - don't miss out!

Adam Turner said...

I need to check out their latest. It's in my list.