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Monday 18 June 2018

I Tried To Sleep Alone

Somehow this beautiful, surprisingly noisy piece of northern rock is eighteen years old. I played it yesterday and was struck by how it manages to be both melancholic and uplifting. I have it on 10" but curiously it didn't find its way into the recent 10 x 10 thing on Twitter. The waves of sound it rides in on and the slow paced bang of the drums are built for cities in the summer, especially this one, even before the tears-in-your-beer howl of the chorus.

The Cedar Room


drew said...

I had never heard that before SA. It is wonderful. Thanks.

Brian said...

All of those early songs are really special. My favorite is Sea Song. doves are one of those bands that brought me back after several lost years where I had given up on new music. I got to see doves in 2002, and they sounded incredible.

Echorich said...

Brian is on to something there. Doves did a great job, for me, of putting a lid on the malaise that was British Rock caused by Britpop. Their Best Of from 2008 is on of the VERY FEW "hits" collections I ever recommend to people. But their music go so much deeper.
If there was one 00's band I would welcome back, it's Doves.