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Saturday 16 June 2018

Nick Knox

Sad news to wake up to this morning- as well as what looks like a catastrophic fire the beautiful Glasgow School of Art building- is that Nick Knox, the longest serving drummer of The Cramps, died yesterday aged 60. Nick started his tenure with Lux and Ivy in 1977 and played on at least 4 classic Cramps albums before leaving in 1991- Songs The Lord Taught Us, Psychedelic Jungle, A Date With Elvis and Stay Sick! plus songs and singles on the essential compilations Off The Bone and Bad Music For Bad People. That's your full Cramps set right there. RIP Nick Knox.

I was asked to dj at a friend's 45th birthday party in Sheffield a few years ago, a party with guaranteed dancers and folk who would enjoy a good shindig. Which was very much true. Except with this song, which cleared the floor. Sometimes you've got to scare them away to bring them back again.

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns


Charity Chic said...

Add the demise of Across the Kitchen Tableto this morning’s sad news Adam

Adam Turner said...

I know. Already been there to register my dismay.

Anonymous said...

Also it looks like the ABC was caught up in the fire, hope it survives. Everybody goes on about the Barrowlands but I love the ABC. Spiritualized there was a transcendental experience.

He was always a very cool drummer.

And thanks guys


Anonymous said...

Btw, what the fuck is in the water in Sheffield? 345th birthday party

Adam Turner said...

Ha. Yes. Well spotted. I shall amend that typo.

Michael Doherty said...

DJ Fontana died as well!

Brian said...

Reunited with his old pal Lux and causing quite a racket by now I’m sure. RIP.

John Medd said...

'Sometimes you gotta scare them away before you bring them back again.'

Ain't that the truth.