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Tuesday 5 June 2018

Now I'm Looking For A Lucky Charm

If you're looking for sublime, romantic indie-rock with happy sad melodies, just the right amount of fuzz, some chiming noise and the sense that something else is out there, just out of reach, there's no finer sound than Yo La Tengo in the mid 90s. Tom Courteney is a marvellous example- maybe their finest (although I'm willing to listen to arguments for Autumn Sweater, From A Motel 6, Sugarcube and Big Day Coming. Actually this list could go on and on...)

Tom Courteney


Rol said...

Yo La Tengo are one of those bands I've only ever dipped a tie into. Judging by this, I need to at least wade in up to the knees.

Adam Turner said...

There's a 2 CD compilation which should get you knee deep and happy called Prisoners of Love.

The Swede said...

They're still making great records. Their recent LP, 'There's a Riot Going On', is excellent.