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Monday, 11 June 2018

Swear I'll Be There

We spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon drinking beer and wine in the sun and listening to music at a friend's house. After a while the person in charge of Spotify started asking for requests and we ended up with a bunch of mid-to-late 80s songs, as you might expect given the age of the people present, and eventually a run of Aztec Camera songs. This one didn't get played but it should have if time and had permitted. Roddy Frame's bittersweet kiss off to punk (and a major inspiration on Johnny Marr, tuning in, a couple of hundred miles south). This is the single version, with production and horns that sound dated- but the song is divine.

Walk Out To Winter


The Swede said...

The song is absolutely divine.

drew said...

It is great. You have got me regretting not raising my limit for his open air gig in Glasgow this summer but then again "we'll have had our summer" I think