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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Down That Road

One of my favourite singles of 2019 was Apiento's Things You Do For Love. In the record shop last weekend, the ever wonderful Piccadilly Records, I found a 12" by Apiento that slipped out at the tail end of last year, unnoticed. Made from similar building blocks as Things... Down That Road is slinky, soulful Balearica, with an acid bassline, some very precise machine drums and an understated but unmissable vocal from Harriet Brown.


drew said...

That is bloody brilliant. Never heard of him before but will be looking out for him in the future

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Harriett’s album ‘Mall of Fortune’, more great vocals with lots of drum programming and synthesized bass, which has been described as bedroom funk / future twang!

Swiss Adam said...

Drew- I've posted quite a few things here by Apiento, all worth checking out.
Anon- not heard it, will have a look for it.

drew said...

How have I missed them then? Obviously not paying enough attention, sorry