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Tuesday 11 February 2020


Following on from yesterday's ambient Steve Hillage post comes a recent track from the continuing adventures of Dr Alex Paterson, this time collaborating with Paul Conboy as Chocolate Hills. Released last year but missed by me until recently Chocolate Hills put out an album called A Pail Of Air, a gentle, dreamy, laid back and very early 90s affair. Bubbling synths, warm bass, ambient noise and found sound, and occasional voices dropped in discussing science, technology or strange happenings, often those plummy very English voices that pepper the early Orb records. As pleasant a way to spend some time as sitting on a gently sloping hillside in the sun in the summer with nothing much to do except enjoy the surroundings.


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drew said...

It is a lot better than COW, from a couple of years ago which was supposed to be the Orb doing a truly ambient album