Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Wednesday 26 February 2020


This song by Low took me by surprise the weekend before last. I was sorting through a pile a freebie CDs that had built up near the pile of records that has built up. I've got several albums by Low but not the one this song is on (an album called C'mon released in 2011). Having listened to and skipped a few songs on the CD I let Witches play. The opening guitar chords, clanging and distorted were enough on their own, but then the ensuing menace coming through the speakers, Alan and Mimi's vocals, and the natural echo provided by the Sacred Heart studio in Duluth, Minnesota (a former church). There's what sounds like a banjo in there too.


I don't know what Witches is about, facing your fears maybe. Like the music the lyrics are foreboding and full of shadows.

'One night I got up and told my father there were witches in my room
He gave me a baseball bat and said here's what you do...

All you guys out there trying to act like Al Green...'

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