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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Disco Drohne

This is a new release from the Paisley Dark label, a Leeds based record label pumping electronic psychedelia and various other leftfield sounds into the ether. Matt Gunn has produced a three track EP called Disco Drohne, chockfull of dark, insistent dancefloor sounds, the music for 'a disco at the end of the universe'. On the title track there's a stoned sounding voice talking about '74 and the beginnings of disco, some acid squiggles, whooshing sounds, a chunky 303 drum track, the space of dub techno and a bassline to cause trouble. 

Alternative version Lost In The Dronhe goes spaced out, the comedown after the blast off, with a swirl of guitars, FX and synths- all still pretty intense-  and when joined by a piano part from the left hand side of the keyboard and some harmonica and then a guitar solo it all really goes off into inner space. I Am The Energy is robotic voices and jackhammer beats. Fourth track, the hidden Disco Drohne (Outro) is a full on psychedelic stew, a whirlpool of sounds and FX. If there is a disco at the end of the universe, this is what they're playing in the back room.

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Batfish said...

purchased, love it.