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Monday 21 March 2022

Tak Tent Mix Pour Lundi

No long song today, a mix instead. Tak Tent Radio is an internet radio station broadcasting out of Scotland with mixes and shows from an array of contributors and regular guests. Some time ago I was asked if I'd like to provide an hour of music for Tak Tent and have since been back four times. The latest Bagging Area Tak Tent mix went up on Saturday and can be found here. More ambient, instrumental and Balearic sounds segued together in a way that I hope is pleasing and semi- competent. I've posted quite a few of the tracks in the mix here in recent times. 

  • Underworld: Dark & Long (Most ‘Ospitable Mix)
  • David Holmes and Jon Hopkins featuring Stephen Rea: Elsewhere Anchises
  • William Alfred Sergeant: Circles
  • Chris Carter: Poptone
  • William Orbit: Wordsworth
  • Sonic Boom/ Spectrum: True Love Will Find You In The End
  • Steve Cobby: 45ft. Tide
  • Gabriel Yared: C’est Le Vent, Betty
  • Andy Bell: When The Lights Go Down
  • The Vendetta Suite: Purple Haze, Yellow Sunrise (David Holmes Remix)
  • Projections: Original Cell (Coyote Deep State Remix)
  • Coyote: The Outsider

For some reason while putting it together the Gabriel Yared track suggested itself to me- I have no idea why. C'est Le Vent, Betty is from the soundtrack to the film Betty Blue. I'm sure you remember Betty Blue...

Betty Blue was released in 1988, directed by Jean- Jacques Beineix and starring Beatrice Dalle as Betty and Jean- Hugues Anglade as Zorg. Zorg lives in a beach house on the coast, making a living as a handyman while trying to become a writer. Betty arrives and turns his life upside down, setting fire to a beach house, stabbing a customer at a pizzeria with a fork and a sharp, painful descent into depression and hospitalisation. The film's first half, all young love and impulsiveness, sex and bohemian lifestyle, contrast sharply with the horrors of the second half. According to the director the film's two stars became very much intertwined, a relationship that went beyond acting. 'We didn't know if they were in the movie anymore', he said. Which puts the film's opening scene, a lengthy sex scene, in a different light. The soundtrack was by Gabriel Yared, a Lebanese composer and pianist and works as a listen in its own right. As well as the track on my mix above, this pair are a good way to start the week. 

Betty Et Zorg

37.2 le Matin


JC said...

I was in pieces in the cinema when I first saw Betty Blue. I watched it again a few tears later when the extended Director's Cut was issued....and I was in pieces again, despite knowing how it ended.

Beatrice Dalle was stunning and amazing. Incredible to look back and realise it was her film debut.

It was the second watch, however, that brought home just how great yet understated a performance it was by John-Hughes Anglade. The epitome of a male French lead.

Swiss Adam said...

I started to rewatch it a couple of years ago and didn't get through it. Need to go back and view it again.