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Wednesday 16 March 2022


Former Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie has a long solo back catalogue recorded since the Cocteaus split up, the guitarist keeping himself busy with EPs and albums of lighter than air guitar led instrumentals, songs full of atmospherics, ambience and reverb, FX pedals, a bit of piano, drums and the presence of the room they were recorded in. At the start of January he released a four track EP called Springtime, a bit premature perhaps but now as the blossom, the daffodils and the catkins start to appear, it's perfectly apt. 

With the Cocteau Twins gone and a reunion unlikely Robin has just kept going, playing the guitar, writing the music and putting it out, a one man cottage industry. His Bandcamp page is full of releases. Pick a point and dive in. This is Springtime's closing track, All For Nothing, for its first half the most ambient, most Eno- esque, song on the EP. Then the guitars kick in and it all swells and swirls around. 

All For Nothing

This is the whole thing as one piece, fifteen minutes of instrumental bliss for Wednesday morning in early Spring 2022. 


The Swede said...

Bliss is the word - very nice.

Echorich said...

Robin Guthrie has a breathtaking catalogue of work post Cocteau Twins. Among my favorites is his collaboration with Ride's Mark Gardener. Universal Road. Gentile Ambience meets subtle Shoegaze...no bangers here, just the lapping of emotional musical waves.

Swiss Adam said...

I don't think I know that Echorich, will remedy that asap.