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Tuesday 29 March 2022

I've Got To Stand And Fight


Back in the 90s Leftfield released Release The Pressure, a thumping dub techno tune. It was originally released in 1992 and then on several occasions afterwards. The vocal was provided by reggae singer Earl Sixteen, a righteous chant of 'I've got to stand and fight/ In this creation/ Vanity I know/ Cannot guide I alone' and then, 'I'm searching to find/ A love that lasts all time/ I've just got to find/ Peace and unity'. It's a heady brew, the space of dub and the rhythms of 90s club music brought together with the organ part giving it a touch of ragga. Leftfield were masters of building a track, the tension pulling you in and then the release. The song's distinctive whistling part was sampled from Polegnala E Pschenitza on the album Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares, a compilation of Bulgarian folk songs by The Bulgarian State Radio And Television Female Vocal Choir from 1975. If you haven't heard it, it's a beguiling way to start your day. 

Release The Pressure came out in multiple mixes and versions across the various formats and at different times (1992, 1995, 1996 and most recently 2017). All are worthwhile in their own right. Here's a selection starting with a seven minute version from 1995. 

Release The Pressure

Release The Horns is a superb skanking horns, echo and drums version from 1992, the flipside to the Song Of Life 12". Thumping and scorching and ideal for dark nights and hot days. 

Release The Horns

This version is remixed by Adrian Sherwood, a new dubbed out remix for the 2017 re- release of Leftism. Sherwood pans from left to right, sound effects and distortion with Earl Sixteen, everything broken down and stripped back. 

Release The Pressure (Adrian Sherwood Mix)


JC said...

Tune. And the album ain't too shabby either.

Thanks for 'Release The Horns'.....didn't know about that version.

Rickyotter said...

Classic tune and album. Always preferred Release The Horns as it just sounded like they were having a bit more fun

Khayem said...

Leftism couldn't have opened in a better way, though I'm with Rickyotter in loving the earlier Release The Horns version too. It completely passed me by that there was a 22nd anniversary reissue of Leftism with new remixes, so the Adrian Sherwood update is a lovely addition.

Swiss Adam said...

Release The Horns is my favourite too I think. The Leftism update is worth exploring Khayem.