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Sunday 20 March 2022

Forty Minutes Of Cantoma

Cantoma is the musical work of Phil Mison, a veteran of the Balearic scene, sunsets at the Cafe del Mar, the White Isle, beaches and tides, the whitewashed walls of Spanish houses, a week abroad, a holiday in the sun, laid back days and dancing at night. His music as Cantoma reflects all of that and more. This mix contains just under forty minutes of Cantoma and some remixes courtesy of likeminded travelling companions. The sun's out, it's warm for the first time in ages. 

Claudio's Theme
To The Sea
Talva Lumi (Apiento Remix)
Just Landed (Pete Herbert Remix)
The Mountain (Coyote Remix)
To The Sea (DJ Pippi and Willie Graff Remix)


Khayem said...

Superb work yet again, Adam. I thought I'd already found the perfect Sunday soundtrack but this perfectly complemented. Unfortunately, my reality was less Balearic and more back ache as I was cleaning windows, but the music really helped!

Swiss Adam said...

The joys of middle age eh? Glad you enjoyed it.
Maybe Back ache Balearica could become a sub- genre in its own right.