Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday 27 March 2022

Half An Hour Of Fairplay

It's a Timothy J Fairplay weekend at Bagging Area. Here's thirty-six minutes from Tim's back catalogue to give your Sunday a jumpstart- rapid fire drum machines, vintage synths and keyboards, hi- hats and all manner of uptempo analogue, sci fi soundtracks. Four tracks under his own name and two from his ravey Junior Fairplay alter ego (Faxes From The Future and Sugar Puss). Stream it at Mixcloud or get it here

  • The Cat Prowls Again
  • Faxes From The Future
  • Honecker Complex
  • Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas
  • My Etherealrealness
  • Sugar Puss

I had my ears syringed on Thursday after weeks of muffled hearing and some discomfort. When I got water in the right ear, from dunking my head under the water in the bath, it felt like it was in there for ages afterwards and I haven't been fully hearing on my right hand side for a long time. Walking out of the audiologist on Thursday evening I felt like I'd been given new ears and since then I can actually hear the cavities in my head, a sort of natural reverb. It's a remarkable sensation. It hasn't done anything for my tinnitus but I didn't expect it to but being able to hear in stereo and more clearly is a blessing. The pleasures of middle age eh?


Khayem said...

An excellent mix, as always, Adam and glad you're now able to experience both channels!

Nick L said...

Great to hear about your improved hearing. Having suffered 80% sudden permanant hearing loss in my right ear almost 20 years ago now I am also deeply envious!

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks both. Simple pleasures, such as unblocked ears, mean so much.

Batfish said...

Just back from getting mine done. Can we keep the noise down please? bloody racket.