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Wednesday 9 March 2022

Savage Child

Sometimes I feel like I go round in circles a bit here, a familiar roster of Bagging Area favourites who rotate from month to month. Sometimes it feels like there's too much music as well- new songs, new tracks, new remixes, new mixes, new DJ mixes, new podcasts, on and on. I suppose it becomes natural to focus in what you know as a way of finding a way through it all. So here, after multiple posts, is Daniel Avery again. 

After releasing several albums in the last few years Daniel is back remixing other artists too. This one came out in February, a remix of Enfant Sauvage (the solo project French producer Guillaume Alric) who is usually found in due The Blaze. His Enfant Sauvage album Petrichor came out at the end of last year. Daniel's remix of 58500 is up to his recent high standards, a close cousin of Daniel's own Lone Swordsman track- feedback fades in quickly, the drums clatter into earshot and then we're inside Avery's characteristic echo chamber, that monumental reverb sound he gets from inside a shipping container in East London. Trebly synthesizer melody lines and an insistent buzzing bassline. Tension and a faint feeling of anxiety, waiting for release- instead at three and a half minutes, the drums stop and there's a squeal of feedback to take us out. 

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