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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Joe 88

I seem to be blogging something Clash related on a weekly basis at the moment- which is no bad thing. I found this interview with Joe from back in 1988, a late night Channel 4 affair. The young man interviewing Joe is a little combative- it seems strange now that there was a time when The Clash appearing on cd was seen as a sell out, as was a Clash greatest hits compilation of any kind (The Story Of The Clash in this case- the first of many). But then I was anti-compact disc well into the 90s so I guess I'm not one to talk. Strange too that this interview was in reality only a few years since The Clash had broken up (five years since Mick was fired but The Clash Mk II or The Rump Clash kept going until 1985) so for Joe this stuff was recent history.

Given the smug. self-righteousness of the interviewer Joe did well to be so tolerant throughout this interview.

This song is from Joe's soundtrack to Alex Cox' film Walker, a soundtrack that's well worth picking up second hand if you can. As far as I know it's out of print at the moment

Tennessee Rain

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