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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Often, When I'm On The Fridge, People Tell Me To Get Off The Fridge

Mark Wynn, York's own machine-gun lyricist and chronicler of the absurdities of 21st century life, is back with not one but two new e.p.s and a brace of videos too. As he said in his email to me 'I make too much stuff'. I'm glad he does.

Mark gets called things like 'spoken word acoustic punk' and 'York based mumbler of  song and spiel'. Its determinedly lo-fi, done quickly and homemade. The cds come with handwritten booklets. This type of cottage industry thing is good so more power to Mark's elbow.

Bill Burroughs Was My Baby (one minute twenty two of lyrical gems- 'Bill Burroughs was an intellectual, he looked good in a full length coat, he wore spectacles and he knew a lot about stuff')...

And Dave Went Mental, which references Lauren Laverne and her playlist...

You can download either or both e.p.s, naming your own price, at Bandcamp, The Polar Bear Blah and Get Off The Fridge.

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