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Friday, 21 June 2013

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 109

I've posted this song before but it bears repeating- Sparkle Moore (born Barbara Morgan) was a pioneer of 50s rockabilly. She toured with Gene Vincent and dressed in men's leathers. Caused quite a stir I imagine. Sparkle only recorded seven songs, four released across a pair of 7" singles (in 1956 and '57) and three left unreleased. In 1957 she retired from the music industry to raise a family. And that's it. But what a tune.

'You should be labelled with a skull and cross bones
You're a jinx on my soul'

Skull And Cross Bones


ally. said...

phwoooooaaar. or something. she looks quite the very thing

Swiss Adam said...

Doesn't she. Shame she gave it all up to have babies.

davyh said...


dickvandyke said...

Her babies were Billy Idol and Brian Setzer.

Swiss Adam said...

They were too.