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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

La Yegros

I read a review of La Yegros in the Sunday paper from the World Music section, probably not more than eighty words in length, and decided to have a look. I am now enjoying some fine Cumbia. Cumbia is a style I've read about and heard about before, once from Bez of all places, but never really investigated, apart from hearing bits and bobs on Strummer's World Service radio shows. It is the folk music of Columbia but with a side order of reggae in it- the music originated from a fusion of the local Indians' culture with that of imported Caribbean slaves creating 'raw rhythm and dance music from Columbia's Caribbean coast....the Columbian equivalent of early Delta blues'. To boil it down, you get bongo percussion and shakers, accordions and squeezeboxes, acoustic cat-gut strung guitars and a reggae lilt. La Yegros, resident in Buenos Aires, had a single out in April with some remixes and an album out now, combining Cumbia with electronica.

Viene De Mi (Captain Planet Remix)

The original mix sounds like this...

And this is another one I'm enjoying- in fact I think I like this one the most- Trocitos...

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Cynical Farmer said...

Awesome discovery!