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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Man Power

I know nothing about Man Power apart from that in one or two small corners of the internet he/they are causing a small stir- and I'm not sure I want to know any more. The music is enough- deep, dark, pumping techno-house, three examples of which can be watched below. Lovely, beguiling repetitive rhythms. Bumpity-bumpity-bump. The visuals are a mixture of hypnotic, bewildering and unsettling.


dickvandyke said...

Did I ever tell you SA. Did I ever tell you, that I have made the people in your Blog 'front page cover' photo into real humans. With like real lives?
Starting on the right with Kevin -the scruffy hoodie twat with the Romanian orphan haircut and jeans falling off his arse and shirt hanging out is doing metalwork at the nearby Engineering College. His adorable girlfriend - Kat - with the big pink bag and Timotei glossy hair should really aim higher than Kevin. However, she is 9 weeks pregnant and starting to 'show'. Her father Barry is going to chop Kevin's gonads off when he finds out.
Chelsea - with the Primark bag and flip-flops is trying to play down her upper-middle class Kentish upbringing. She wants to sleep with Common People, and may indeed 'cop off' with Kevin in Wetherspoons later, as Kat is staying in to condition her hair and tell her dad how much she loves him.
Student Sarah with the blonde bob and pipe cleaner arm is stocking up on pear cider and the latest Girls Aloud Anthology.
To her left, mature student Moby is telling his petite ingénue conquest Maxine - with the furry feet - that these bastard corporations are spawned from the Devil Incarnate and sidestep their tax obligations willy-nilly and should be avoided at all costs. And can she lend him a tenner for the organic beancurd?
On the far left, 1st year Philosophy fresher Keiran is struggling with life in a bed-sit. It's his 1st time away from home and his Ben 10 duvet cover. He has yet to change his camouflage pants in 17 weeks and has eaten nothing but scampi fries and jammy dodgers.

I have also studied the pic in a bid to recognise the branch location. Not easy as the supermarket chain in question plans its stores to a distinct yet homogonised layout specification. Given the high student population and relative newness of the retail ergonomics, like - I have plumped for Sainsbury's Leeds city centre branch.

Right. Feel better now I've let you know.

It's 1.30 am. Goodnight. God bless.

Swiss Adam said...

Best comment ever.

Swiss Adam said...

By the way Dickie, I am reliably informed Kat's pink bag is from Ann Summers.

Cynical Farmer said...

I often wondered about those people. Feel so enlightened now.