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Friday, 21 June 2013

Just Bob Our Heads To This Groove Right Here

This is a delightfully deep, dark Craig Bratley remix of Four Walls from back in 2011, featuring a man talking about going nightclubbing; not there for the smoke or the VIP section or the champagne, just the music. Craig Bratley has recently contributed a 10" single to Andrew Weatherall's Bird Scarer vinyl only series.


Max said...

Another great track, Adam. Nice one.
According to Craig Bratley 'but don't tell anyone', he says as he (repeatedly) reveals the voice is Dan Diamond: his acapella track called 'Therapy'. But Craig has chosen the best lines and excised the truly cheesy bits.
There is a possibility this mix will come out on vinyl, if you're interested.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Mike. I am interested