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Friday, 7 June 2013

When You're Young

When You're Young is one of The Jam's finest moments, with Paul Weller dispensing hard-won wisdom (from the grand old age of 22 or something, youth becoming relative the older you get) -'the world is your oyster but your future's a clam, it's got you in it's grip from before you're born, you think you're a king but you're really a pawn'. There's something about the music that's very democratic too- guitar, bass and drums all equal in the mix and the dynamics. Then the hair raising breakdown followed by 'you used to fall in love with everyone..... any guitar and any bass drum'. 

The other thing about it is the video- the kids, passers-by and members of the public, all look pretty much exactly how I remember 1979-80 looking. Except without The Jam miming on a bandstand. Never saw that happen.

I saw a striped blazer just like the one Weller's wearing in this video recently, reduced but still pricey. Was tempted I have to say.


Artog said...

The pinnacle of mod attire. I haven't found the perfect one just yet, came close in Camden a year or two ago.

Simon said...

One of my mates back in the 80s had a really nice blazer. Never went for that particular look. I liked my suit jackets, crisp and boxy.

Love this song, it comes and goes, but lately it's sounding like one of their greatest.

drew said...

Fucking mods!

Echorich said...

This New York City Boy was a sucker for Brit fashion heading out of Middle School and into High School. I was a eclectic mix of Mod, Punk and Casual styles. Had a wonderful couple of stores in St. Mark's Place in the East Village - Trash & Vaudville and The Late Show which had vintage, sometime never worn with the store tags still on, sharkskin suits, mohair sweaters, tricot turtlenecks, two inch striped blazers. Creepers, Doc Martens, every manner of Shelly's shoes and classic brogues...that was my teen years, vinyl and clothing...such joy!

Swiss Adam said...

Echorich- I'm reading a very entertaining book I got for my birthday about casual culture in North west England, 70s onwards. Its a bit 'hooligan-lit' in parts but the bits about terrace style are good.