Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday, 3 January 2021


This came out in 2019 and came my way a few months ago. Impermanence is the title track from a six song EP, three original songs and three remixes. I don't know much about Nhii- the Bandcamp page mentions Morocco and the record label Shango is based in Greece but says it has roots in Cairo, Bombay, Tangiers and Ghana and uses the phrase 'Electronic Afrotropicalismo' as it's header. Nhii may be from Egypt, the instruments and arrangements sound North African but are according to the Bandcamp bio 'an unheard world music psychedelic trip'. On Youtube Nhii is said to be 'a bottomless journey of musical growth with no boundaries in a universal context... borderless powerful yet emotional electronic world music'. Outward looking, crossing borders, tripped out, hypnotic and very good, just the ticket as this country closes the door. Buy the whole EP here



George said...

ALthough it's driving my partner insane, I think this track is mesmerising! Off to bandcamp.......

Swiss Adam said...

Sorry to your partner but happy that you like it.