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Sunday, 31 January 2021


There's a sense that Sunday blogposts should be calming, come down songs, acoustic campfire tunes, downhome country and western or some chilled dub sounds. I thought some some early 90s techno might be in order today however. Slack were Justin Drake and Quinn Whalley. This pair of tunes came out in 1993 on Andrew Weatherall's Sabres Of Paradise label, two sides of a 12" single that you can pick up mystifyingly cheap second hand- long, intense and atmospheric trancey techno with thumping bass drums, wobbly synths sounds, hi- hats dancing away at the top and trippy blip noises. This is Saturday night music really, lost on the floor, everyone on one, arms in the air, chewing gum, the air filled with dry ice and cigarette smoke but it works on a Sunday morning too. Stick the kettle on and make breakfast with Painkiller throbbing away and you'll see the day afresh. Besides, at the moment every day's more or less the same as every other day. 




Echorich said...

I found myself on many a Sunday morning still dancing to relentless beats and rhythms into the early 90s. The Paradise Garage may have closed a few year earlier, but there were still after hours parties to be found on the Lower East Side after you brought the Sunday sun up at Sound Factory. There was a fire trap of an after hours club in Astoria, Queens with a huge gold painted door that opened at 4 a.m. and played a mix of latin rhythms, techno house and deep beats that I do remember fondly.

Khayem said...

Sometimes Sunday beats were the only way to keep going at something other than a glacial pace... I'm familiar with Painkiller from the excellent Sabres compilation Septic Cuts, but I haven't heard Blade, so both will be getting some plays today. Yes, it's now Monday, but the beats are even more critical this morning.