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Saturday, 30 January 2021

Nothing Changes, It's Still The Same

This is one of the highlights the last few years, a song by Meatraffle from summer 2019, a superb, off balance song called Meatraffle On The Moon. There's a dub bassline, a sci fi synth line, a padding drumbeat, a wandering ska trumpet line and over the top of this 21st century dub/ post- punk/ art rock hybrid the voice of Zsa Zsa Sapien (possibly not his real name), singing a tale of the exploitation of industrial workers on the moon by the capitalist bosses. The soaring chorus, Zsa Zsa joined by a female voice, never fails to raise my spirits- 'there's gonna be a meatraffle on the moon tonight'. This draw for uncooked sausages is the weekly highlight of the poor un- unionised astral wage slaves when they get to the lunar bar on a Saturday evening. 'They are so sick of this, they just want to be by the sea/ but they signed a new contract by the Sea of Tranquility' Zsa Zsa sings and it sounds like the most real and most keenly felt employment struggle you've ever heard, and it sums them up, political but with a surrealist sideways look. 

Meatraffle On The Moon

There was also a lovely, loping Andrew Weatherall remix, one of his finest from the last decade, dub vibes to the fore and lots of percussion, stretched out into space.

More recently Meatraffle released a four track EP in May last year called Black Metal Music which included a very lockdown 1 take on things called Oh Corona. Next month they have a remix EP, Abstinence Blues, coming out. 


Echorich said...

There’s something very 1979 about Meatraffle On The Moon. It’s transporting.

Khayem said...

Great to hear the original, Adam. The Weatherall mix was a highlight of 2019, but this is also very good.