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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

James Luther Dickinson 'O How She Dances'

James Luther Dickinson, Southern rock 'n' roll and country-soul background guy, worked with The Stones, Big Star, and Sam and Dave amongst others, and more recently Spiritualized and Primal Scream sought him out. His solo stuff was 'wasted white boy music' and fits in with records like Dr. John's Walk On Gilded Splinters; voodoo, tribal, woozy, Southern US rock 'n' roll. This isn't irritating boogie-woogie though. This record is an off-kilter, voodoo, drum heavy, Southern gothic celebration of a travelling freak show, and specifically a dancing girl who 'shimmies just like jelly on the plate'. Dickinson's carnival man vocal advises the men in the audience that they'd all stay at home if they could teach the dance to their wives. Download it folks, you won't regret it.

07 O How She Dances.wma


Anthony Curtis said...

There's Tom Waits whole career in one song right there!

swiss adam said...

Ha- that had never occured to me, but you're right