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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thee Headcoatees 'Have Love Will Travel'

Moggieboy from the excellent Ripped In Glasgow blog posted Thee Headcoatees' Davey Crockett yesterday, so I'm following suit (probably a natty tweed suit) with this one, Have Love Will Travel. Thee Headcoatees were a Billy Childish Thee Headcoats spin-off, and featured recent Bagging Area postee Holly Golightly. This is an indie-garage-60s-beat-pop-girlgroup dancefloor smash. Also just noticed this is my 300th post.
Edit- a reader has left a comment to point out the black and white picture is not Thee Headcoatees, but Ipso Facto. To be honest I had my doubts about the picture but was rushing. Thanks anonymous. The colour picture is Thee Headcoatees. I can't seem to remove the other one, so we're stuck with both.


Anonymous said...

that's ipso facto in the photo...just so you know. ace blog though.

swiss adam said...

Thanks- will edit and sort. I wasn't sure it was Thee Headcoatees but was in a rush