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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sub Sub Ft. Bernard Sumner 'This Time I'm Not Wrong'

A Joy Division/New Order rarity/oddity for you, following the earlier Jah Division piece. In 1997 Bernard co-wrote and sang (and presumably played guitar) with Sub Sub, who would shortly afterwards go on to become Doves. Sub Sub hit the charts with the rather ace Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) and also had the ravey Space Face, which as Doves they still encore with from time to time. This song is more Doves than Sub Sub, being full of guitars and drums, and featuring a typical Bernard vocal and lyric. The end came for Sub Sub when their Cheetham Hill studio burnt down on the Williams twins' birthday, but judging by this 12" they were heading in a different direction anyway. The B-side features an early version of Fire Suite which also cropped up on the first Doves lp. Bernard Sumner in 1997 was on extended leave from New Order and in between Electronic activities. I got this in Oxfam in Altrincham for a fiver some time ago, a bargain judging by some online prices I've seen. This was the last single to come out on Rob Gretton's Rob's records label, also home to Manchester legends A Certain Ratio and Mr. Scruff amongst others.

01 This Time I'm Not Wrong.mp3

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