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Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Orb 'Perpetual Dawn'(Ultrabass 2)

More Orb vicar? Yes please Church Warden.

Reggae inspired Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass 2) from 1991, remixed by Weatherall. 'Music that tells about the future, music that explains history', the vocal declares, and then 'Roots music', repeatedly. Dub-house brilliance from all involved.

Perpetual Dawn(Ultrabass 2).mp3


davy h said...

Lovely stuff SA, ta.

The main vocal sample is from Introduction/Man Kind on Misty In Roots' 'Live At The Counter Eurovision', one of the best live albums ever made, and a huge favourite of Peelie.

swiss adam said...

Thanks Davy- often wondered where the vocal samples came from, and don't know anything of Misty In Roots, to my shame

C C Lover said...


whole of the album - i didn't know anything about them either. thanks for steering in this direction!