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Monday, 26 July 2010

Sub Sub 'Space Face'

Before they were Doves they were Sub Sub, and released this superb piece of dance music- Space Face.

In other bird related news, the kids found an injured young bird outside our house yesterday, several cats were prowling around, and an older bird was squawking from the rooftop. The kids wanted to try to save it. A neighbour said the RSPCA etc wouldn't be interested and that saving it from being mauled by cats might be the best we could do. Mrs Swiss asked me 'How do you pick up a bird?'. 'Buy it a couple of drinks and try to make it laugh?' I suggested.

We got it in a cardboard box and put it in our shed, with some water and bread. Then we noticed the mother bird with worms and grubs in it's beak, trying to get in the shed. All very upsetting. We opened the shed door, to let the mother bird feed it's baby with it's broken wing. ET, 7 years old, was by now very concerned. I checked on it later last night and things didn't look good- Giggsy (as it was now known) couldn't feed itself and mother had vanished. We got up this morning and went to the shed, and alas Giggsy had died. We've also found Giggsy's brother or sister, dead, in the alleyway behind the house. I guess leaving the nest is a bit do or die. Everyone's bearing up pretty well though.



drew said...

Cats are evil.

I came in from work one evening a few years ago to find our two staring at the telly. When I pulled out the tv to see what was going on I jumped about 6 feet in the air, wedged behind was a fucking grouse still alive.

After getting rid of the cats I tried to catch the thing but it rang rings round me. Phoned my brother who was on leave at the time to come up and assist. When he arrived he walked straight past me up the stair into the bathroom, reappeared at the bottom of the stairs with a towel which he then threw over the bird, job done.

He then asked if I wanted him to wring it's neck! i said no of course and we carried it up to some fields and let it go.

The two evil fuckers must have caught it, stunned it and one pushing and the other pulling it in through the cat flap, it was a big bit of bird.

Since then we've had a couple of bats, the odd rabbit and plenty of smaller birds and mice. I have 2 serial killers for pets.

swiss adam said...

Ha- good story. A grouse- don't get many round here...