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Friday, 16 July 2010

The Small Faces 'Get Yourself Together'

The Small Faces must be one of the most under-rated of the 1960s bands, despite their influence on Weller and all things Britpop in the mid-90s. Their early stuff is great pop, and the records they released on Immediate are flawless. We'll even gloss over M-People's butchering of Itchycoo Park, which has so scarred me I can no longer listen to the original. They were also very natty dressers. There's some particularly fine footwear on display in our picture above. On Youtube there's some amazing footage of them doing Tin Soldier on a German (I think) TV show, with P.P.Arnold on lead-backing vocals. You should go and look for it now. This is Get Yourself Together, a cracker of a song from 1967.

01 Get Yourself Together.wma

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Mondo said...

That Tin Soldier clip is a template for Weller's entire career. Check out the BBC sessions for some slightly rawer takes on the tunes (and interviews). Apart from Weller's influences Led Zep ripped You Need Loving for Whole Lotta Love.

PS Mother Earth did a pretty good cover of Wham, Bam Thank You Mam if you haven't heard yet.