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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Keeping It Peel-ish

There was a brief comment conversation at Across The Kitchen Table yesterday, as part of Drew's excellent Keeping It Peel Top Ten, about a Peel Session by The Cramps. A little internet research reveals this was in 1986, and featured three songs from the Date With Elvis album- What's Inside A Girl, Cornfed Dames and Give Me A Woman. I don't have it, and the few webpages I looked at last night either had dead links or formats my aging computer won't open. I have got this though, which was also from A Date With Elvis and is a radio session but I don't know where from, although I'm assuming it's the same tour. No-one rocked and reeled like The Cramps.

(Hot Pool Of) Woman Need (Live Session Version).mp3

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