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Friday, 22 October 2010

Strung Out In Heaven's High

I posted a song called Elephants by LA band Warpaint back in June and they've got a new album, The Fool, out on Rough Trade on Monday. There's another tenner gone. The tracks I've heard so far sound very good- you can get Undertow for free from their website. This is a cover of Dame David Bowie's Ashes To Ashes they provided for a compilation recently, and it replaces Bowie's early 80s synth-pop with their signature blissed out, hazy, fluid post-punk sound and dreamy vocals. Soothing and calming and ever so slightly narcotic.

This one's for my compadre Harvey, who's a big fan.



drew said...

heard this and had to buy the single. Eagerly waiting to hear the Sister Crayon cover of The Bewlay Brothers, my favourite Bowie song.

h said...

Thanks for this reminded me of this for some reason. This would be a great one to cover

swiss adam said...

Strawberry Switchblade- very nice