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Friday, 15 October 2010

Long Haired Biker Types

Wooden Shjips are four long haired gentlemen from San Francisco who like to find a chord and then groove on it for a side of vinyl. This song Motorbike is relatively restrained clocking in at under five minutes. Coming from a Doors-y, late 60s angle with detours into krautrock territory, they've released various bits and bobs (albums, e.p.s, compilations of tracks) and you probably only need to get one, but they're good fun while they're on the turntable.

Apparently they're best known for being the chosen band to soundtrack a fashion show Bobby Gillespie was involved in. Fight the power.



bossman said...

mega band, saw them here in NZ earlier this year, completely blew me away.

Ctelblog said...

Anything I've heard before has left me indifferent. And yet they are so highly rated. Just too noisy at my age.