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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

So You Wanna Mess With The Coke?

From twee indie yesterday to militant black hip-hop today. Public Enemy are/were the greatest of all the 80s hip-hop acts, but look and sound somewhat dated today, especially compared to the multi-million dollar, lifestyle aspirational accessory rap music has become. When I posted Passing Me By by 90s rappers the Pharcyde a couple of weeks ago I never thought it would become the most popular (as in most downloaded) track we'd have here at Bagging Area, but it is, so let's see what happens with this one.

After the pinnacle of all of Public Enemy's albums- Fear of A Black Planet (feel free to disagree)- they lost focus and direction and members a little. An album called Greatest Misses was put together featuring new tracks on one side and remixes on the other. One of the new ones was this song, Gett Off My Back and it's is a much overlooked part o their back catalogue featuring two George Clinton samples (Parliament and Funkadelica I think), some great chanting backing vocals, heavy but funky drums, some squeeling noises, and advice about the perils of drugs from everyone's favourite clock-wearing, gold-teethed, reality TV show appearing, black power sidekick Mr Flavor Flav. Tip-top hip-hop with a sense of fun and freedom that was sometimes absent.

Public Enemy - Gett Off My Back.mp3

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Ad - lost your email address... but wanted you to see this - the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names. Totally awesome.


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