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Monday, 25 October 2010

Keeping It Peel

Today is Keeping It Peel Day, a celebration of the life, work and musical loves of John Peel. Organised by Webbie who runs the wonderful Football And Music blog (link down to the right), I thought I'd join in. I've been running through the enormous number of bands and artists I love, like and admire who had Peel Sessions, and have made various mental commitments over the last few weeks before going for this one. You so nearly got The House Of Love. I've also got a folder containing all of Half Man Half Biscuit's Peel Sessions with various ruminations by Peel before or after the song, including one (can't remember which at the moment) after which he says 'Half Man Half Biscuit- when I die I want them buried with me', which is pretty poignant. If I can find it I'll post it this week. I eventually decided on reverting to Bagging Area type and giving you a track from the only Sabres Of Paradise Peel Session. Sabres were Andrew Weatherall's early 90s band, as you all surely know. Their Peel Session had three tracks -this one, a tribute to top nutter Vivian Stanshall called Stanshall's Lament, and two others Duke On Berwick and Blackfriars Sunday. All three are lovely, laid back electronic music.

Credit where it's due- all three Sabres tracks came from a reader of the outstanding but now sadly retired Ripped In Glasgow blog. So three cheers for Mr Weatherall, three more for Moggieboy and his reader, and at least three for John Peel.

Stanshall's Lament.mp3


Anonymous said...

Glad I didn't pick that one.

Anonymous said...

Super ! Thank you. Great track too.

(You'll have to fix the feed on the link to the right there..)

swiss adam said...

Ta, don't know why the feed hasn't updated. Will look into it