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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mrs Kennedy Jumped Up, She Called 'Oh No'

From 1987 one of the first cut and-paste montage set to a hip-hop drumbeat records, and still one of the most effective. I'm sure almost anyone with half an idea, some newsreel vocal samples, a drum machine software package and an hour or two could do something similar, but Steinski was first. This groundbreaking 7" single was given away free on the cover of the NME. Who now give blanket coverage to Mumford And Sons and suchlike. Truly they were different times...



drew said...

An astounding bit of cut and paste I remember the first time I heard it, I thought, how the fuck has he gotten away with this. My mate

Stiff will still randomly shout out "oh no" or "something is happening here" when he has had too much to drink, much to the bemusement of about 99.9% of our friends.

Wasn't Some Candy Talking also on this piece of vinyl?

I am going to root out the vinyl now.

swiss adam said...

I like the idea of drunken shouting out excerpts from this record- I might make it a habit. I think Some Candy Talking was a different free single but I might be wrong- have to go and check.

swiss adam said...

NME Hatrick it was called- Sonic Youth, Sly & Robbie, & Steinski.

Ctelblog said...

Great record.

"Back and to the left."