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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Hello. Back from a caravan near the Lincolnshire Wolds and coast. A much underrated part of the country. Lovely.

Whatever part of my brain that has focussed on blogging for the last year and a half has switched itself off while being away, so a random track from the hard drive- Dole Drums (The Wolf Howard Theme), as played by Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians of the British Empire, a rocking instrumental- 60s inspired, organ led, surfy, Ready, Steady, Go!, basement bar with Scotch and Coke. Wolf is the drummer in Billy's bands and also takes pinhole photographs. I love the way they mix up 60s garage and Victoriana.


Simon said...

Wolf Howard first came to my attention back in the mid 80s as a member of The Daggermen, who came from the same part of the world as The Prisoners and co.


There might be a link there to the only album they made. It's a great slice of punky 60s garage, one that I listen to quite often.

swiss adam said...

Ta Si, I'll check it out.