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Saturday, 2 April 2011


Royal Trux were a duo, Neil Hagarty and Jennifer Herrema, who sprung/staggered forth from Washington DC garage band Pussy Galore. They formed Royal Trux while a couple, recorded several albums of sleazy, druggy US alt-rock (isn't the alt prefix horrible?) and were briefly quite rated and fashionable (before drugs and then splitting up did for them). They had a song called Waterpark which I think I've got on 7" which sounded a bit like Exile On Main Street era Stones but hot-wired on speed with a girl screeching on vox. Or Exile played at 45rpm. Which might be worth trying. Somehow they got remixed by Jagz Kooner, one of the other two in Sabres Of Paradise. I haven't heard this for some time and it's good- when Jagz brings the guitars in it's a like being hit by a weather front.

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