Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Friday, 8 April 2011

Open Me Or Untie Me

This is pretty rare I think, and I'm fairly sure I got it from a blog I visit often recently-ish. I can't remember where. If it was yours and you're upset I'm reposting it, I'm sorry (insert smily face emoticon here). It came on the music player in the car on the way home from work yesterday and nearly took the top of my head off. Primal Scream's Higher Than The Sun re-remixed by The Orb. It's not that different from the Screamadelica version, just longer, spacier and trippier. And then some.


Jedi said...

Yes remove immediately please...Or not.

swiss adam said...

Ha- cheers Mr Jedi, I should've guessed it was you. At least another 50 odd people have had the chance to hear this.