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Friday, 22 April 2011


As a flipside to yesterday's Gatto Fritto album I raved about, there's a new long player from San Francisco's Moon Duo. Like Gatto Fritto the album Mazes is only eight songs long and deals with repetition and mood and groove, but with Moon Duo (a husband and wife offshoot from Wooden Shjips) it's all drone, warm fuzz, sine waves, strumming, distortion and motorik drumming. And the beautiful hum of overloaded guitars. If Gatto Fritto is the sunset, Moon Duo are the dark after the summer sun's long gone down. A totally absorbing and electric listen.

The vinyl version of this album comes with a download voucher (to make the music portable) and a free cd of remixes, which I'll let you know about as soon as I've listened to them.

04 Fallout.mp3#1#1


drew said...

Thanks for this SA, another one to add to my list of must haves.

swiss adam said...

The whole album's top- you've got to get it.