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Thursday, 28 April 2011

You're Going On After Crispy Ambulance

After work tonight I'm driving down to Leicester, jewel of the East Midlands, to see Wirral's finest Half Man Half Biscuit play a rare gig. They're at The Auditorium and being supported by Leicester band Echolocation, some of whom I know. I just hope there isn't a running order squabble fest.

'Half past four, half past four, you said half past ten to us'

'No dry ice, no dry ice, hey Jason they've got no dry ice'

'There's no way on earth they should be on after us, they haven't even got an album out'.

'CND? CND? We're not going on after Chas 'n' Dave'


davyh said...

The man should be Poet Laureate; enjoy!

Webbie @ FandM said...

We need a FULL detailed report when you get back.

Plus if there's any word on the new album.