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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beastly Brothers

Posting the Beastie Boys' Egg Man the other day led me to dig out Hello Nasty, the follow up to their crossover Ill Communication album. Hello Nasty has got plenty of the 'three men shouting funny stuff over a funky break with a clever sample' thing that they do so well (Super Disco Breakin', Intergalactic) but it also shows them spreading their wings- there's some loungecore, the beautiful ballad I Don't Know, the spooky and minimal Instant Death and this track- Dr. Lee PhD. Recorded with Lee 'Scratch' Perry it's a lo-fi, low key, shuffly, dubby, reggae tune- just a drumbeat, some organ, some funny noises and a load of Lee Perry's profound nonsense lyrics, which finish with 'it's the beastly brothers, and the beastly boys, with their beastly toys'. It's a groovy, addictive little track. I also realised that this record was released in July 1998, the long summer before the birth of our first child and listening to it, the album seemed like a glimpse into a former life.

21 Dr. Lee, PhD.mp3#2#2

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