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Friday, 8 April 2011

Rockabilly Train

Elvis. He kissed a girl, and she liked it.

From riding the rasta train earlier this week to a short hop on the rockabilly train. Elvis' Mystery Train is the grandaddy song, one of the actual starting points for this thing we're all obsessed with. It's got many qualities that are impossible to pin down and I'm not even going to try, except to say if you haven't got this, get it now. We're going away for a week, not by train sadly. Back online on Saturday April the 16th I should think. Be good while I'm away. Don't make a mess and remember to feed the cat.


davyh said...
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davyh said...

'That cat is safe in my hands HWAR HWAR HWAR! Sexiest picture possible - bonnes vacances x

drew said...

Have a good time.

Have you left the fridge full?

Tune, as they say

Anonymous said...

kitteh am nom noms