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Monday, 18 April 2011

Very Early Audrey

I found this on Youtube earlier today- hey, I'm off work for Easter, what else is there to do? I can't get the clip to embed at the moment so follow the link if you're interested in what claims to be very early Andrew Weatherall. The song, Laughing Soul, has Weatherall fronting a band called The Other Side live at Windsor Arts Centre on September 22nd 1981. The only photo does show a very young Weatherall with a bleached quiff, singing. The audio track gives us Windsor's own version of A Certain Ratio's punk-funk. I remember an interview with Weatherall where he mentioned this band and he claimed there were no surviving tapes. Posted by Pylon King, this is either a surviving recording of Weatherall's first band or a hoax. And frankly who could be bothered to hoax it? Enjoy, Weatherall obsessives. Both of you.


Anonymous said...

i'll go have a butchers...So is that 3?

swiss adam said...

3 and counting