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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


... we've waited a long time.
Because the new album's out, two and a half decades plus after the last.
Because it's Kevin Rowland and he is always worth listening to.
Because they look great.
Because Mick Talbot, Pete Williams and Big Jim, all ex-Dexys, are in the band.
Because they mean it.
Because he's still searching.
Because it's Dexys.

Nowhere is Home

'I now know no romantic situation, no money, success- nothing, can make me happy'.

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Dirk said...

I just got around to listen to this in the car this morning ... some 6 weeks after I downloaded it together with a lot of sixties soul stuff I downloaded from Drew ... and I thought to myself: "well, now THIS is a real 60's soul corker and what a WONDERFUL voice ... who IS this??!" .. but then somehow the lyrics, as far as I understood them with my limited English, wouldn't fit the sixties altogether. Believe me, I nearly hit the roadside (after having found the piece of paper with the tracklist on it under the co-driver's seat, as usual) when I saw that it was Dexy's MR ... unbelievable stuff and thanks very very much for posting it! Must get hold of the LP soon ...