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Saturday, 12 May 2012


I read a review of the new Garbage album yesterday, a band I hadn't thought about or heard for years. I don't think I own anything by them other than a 7" single of Stupid Girl I bought for Mrs Swiss way back when (she liked the song, I wasn't suggesting she was a stupid girl) and the song they did on the soundtrack to Romeo And Juliet (how very 90s). And whilst I can't imagine I'll be buying their new album, it did remind me that I used to have a bit of a thing for Shirley Manson.


Peter from Perth said...

You're certainly not alone in having had a bit of a thing for Shirley, Adam - I think that's a fairly large club.

I saw Garbage in the departure lounge at Adelaide airport some years back and got Shirley and Butch Vig to sign my boarding pass - couldn't get over how tiny Shirley is.

Swiss Adam said...

Pop stars always look smaller in real life don't they. Sportsmen/women always look bigger.