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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

He's From Barcelona

John Talabot is young and from Barcelona and has provided some really good remixes in recent times. His own album Fin is an electronic joy from start to finish, full of tense synths, deep basslines and edgy noises, and takes you on a head-nodding trip.

When The Past Was The Present

Jacqueline Goddard photographed by Man Ray, one of Man's favourite models. She was a foot taller than him, feted by Paris society and died in 2003 aged 91.


George said...

Going to miss Friday's rockabilly, and the next one, but it gives 50% of us something to look forward to on our return. Just listening to a comp. cd with some terrific Friday Rockabilly on it, wmongst others (Shock Headed peters, or are you a a bit too young to remember them??)

Swiss Adam said...

Shock headed peters think ive got something by them