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Friday, 11 May 2012

There's Too Much On My Mind

My head is currently fit to burst- workload and deadlines mainly. I drive home with thousands of things bouncing around my head. Chuck in all the non-work stuff and I don't know if my little mind can cope with it all. This song came on driving home yesterday, and though I've posted it before over two years ago, it seemed very apt. Ray Davies nails it with this absolute cracker. Plus it gives me an excuse to post the splendid advert for Terylene.

Too Much On My Mind


Mr A.N. said...

Know the feeling, although after next week my life suddenly gets much better. Been meaning to find this track somewhere for the last few weeks, so thanks.

Swiss Adam said...

Pleasure sir.

ally. said...

he's a mucky tyke that dave davies. you can just tell.