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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sweetie (And Man Ray)

I'm enjoying these Man Ray portraits so they're going to keep coming for a little while longer, matched up here with something I found in my downloads folder that I'd completely forgotten about. This remix from 2001 is a bit forgettable to be honest and I know nowt about the original artist (Sweetie) but it might be of interest to the collectors/obsessives out there. Yes, you.

Touch Me (Dub Remix by Two Lone Swordsmen)

Who's in the picture? Andre Breton, French writer, poet, leather jacket wearer and founder of surrealism (he wrote the Surrealist Manifesto), that's who. He probably deserved a more inspiring piece of music. Maybe something more surreal.


drew said...

SA - did you order Timothy Fairplay through Piccadilly? Got an email today telling me that due to them only getting half the number they ordered I would not be getting a copy. Bit of a bummer.

Swiss Adam said...

Missed out. Tried to get it. One day it said pre-order, the next (payday) unavailable.

Swiss Adam said...

Juno have sold out too.

drew said...

Phillipa said on the email that there have been more than 1000 pre=orders for 300 copies. Not a hope in hell of getting one now!

Swiss Adam said...

300 copies was always going to be a problem